Important notes!!!!!!!!!

  • 1. Havacubvision offers you the opportunity to modify your day tour as you want, you don’t need necessarily to fallow our program.
  • 2. You will pay always at the end of your excursion and always in Cash in Cuban Convertible Coins = CUC: (CUC is Tourist Coin in Cuba). In the price of your excursion is included a professional Driver and/plus a flexible Tour Guide in your Language. (English, French or German).
  • 3. Lunch is not included, but we help you to find good Restaurants where you can taste a Typical Cuban Food and the Price Range per person is between 20cuc and 27cuc.
  • 4. Admission fees to places or activities are not included. Price Range per person is between 3cuc to 11cuc.
  • 5. American Vintage Cars not convertible have A/C sistem but dont  have SeatBelts. They can take a maximum of 4 clients + a driver + a Tour guide. It would be 3 persons in the front seat and 3 persons in the back seat with a total of 6 persons in the car.
  • 6. If you are more than 4 persons we recommend you to do the excursions in a Modern Minivan, because it will less expensive and more comfortable for your friends and family.
  • 7. If you are staying in Varadero we don't recommend to do the trip to Havana in a convertible classic car, because cuban weather is always to hot, humid and it is 2 hours driving from Varadero to Havana and convertible cars dont have A/C sistem ( it is going to be very exhausting and not enjoyable).
  • 8. If you need more information or have any doubt, let us know using this Email:

Three Authentic Cities


  • Picking up at the hotel at 6:30 am or 7:00am
  • Visit Cienfuegos City: located in the South Central area of Cuba. It has buildings of important values declared World Heritage in 2005.
  • Places to Visit: Palacio de Valle, Parque José Martí, Teatro Tomas Terry, Boulevard…
  • Visit Trinidad City : this Museum City is one of the first seven villages founded by Spaniards. It was declared World Heritage by Unesco in 1988. It considered also an architectural jewel.
  • Places to visit : Museo de Historia, Museo de Arqueología Guamuhaya, Museo Romántico, Museo de Arquitectura Colonial…
  • Visit Santa Clara City: this is the City of Che Guevara, it also safeguard the places that remind visitors the battle that determined the Triumph of Revolution.
  • Places to visit :Ernesto Che Guevara Revolution Square, Armored train monument , Ché Guevara Mausoleum…
  • Return to Varadero at 6:30 pm

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